New-years Vorgy Pony Artpack

A pony themed vore art pack containing thirty-two salacious items showing the debauchy equines get up to on new-years.

Welcome to another voracious artpack, this one focusing on the fun of the most festive month of the year. This pack is our largest yet with 32 different completed items as well as 27 bonus wips and scrapped concepts that will certainly keep you warm this holiday season. The main features of the pack are as follows:

Augustbebel, oral vore pony image: Fluttershy/Trixe

Magnificent arsehole, oral vore pony comic: Twilight/ a poor redshirt who is too sweet for her own good, much to Celestia's amusement

Crazy Water, oral vore Anthro comic: adult spike/ Starlight glimmer, Trixie and a very busty Fluttershy.

Ladytechna, oral and unbirth pony vore sequence: Autumn Blaze/ Partyfavour and Carrottop as Applejack looks on in disdain.

Novaspark, oral, unbirth, anal and breast pony vore comic: Vinyl scratch gorges herself on, Octavia, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Derpy and Pacific Glow.

Mrleft, oral, anal and unbirth pony vore comic: Pinkie Pie shows off a party trick and ends up devouring the rest of the mane six in a slurping frenzy.

Blueblaze95, cock vore Anthro animation: after draining the tanks in Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash decides to refill them using her passed out partner.

Septia, POV vore story with disposal

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