Lustful Lent Pony Vore Pack

Lent is a time for abstinence but in this case, the only thing happening is prismatic ponies and other colourful creatures giving into temptation.

Featuring the works of:

Crazy Water: oral vore; anthro, worm/princess luna, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, and Twilight sparkle. multi panel page, with crotch boob edit for those who enjoy such things

Magnificent Arsehole, oral/ anal vore, pony, Twilight sparkle/ Rainbow Dash and Applejack, 5-page comic

August Bebel: some thicc oral vore with Fluttergoth, 1 multi image page, pony

Lady Techna: oral vore; Fleur-de-lis/ Lily, 7 page comic

Blueblaze95: anal vore, anthro, Fluttershy/ Twilight sparkle, one and a half minute animation.Plus a few bonus pinups

Novaspark: oral vore, pony, Applejack/ Rainbow dash, multiple ending comic spread over 9 pages

Mrleft: a 7 page oral vore comic featuring, the entire mane 6, Gilda, Princess Ember, Thorax, Rainshine, Prince Rutherford And Gabby.

Septia: A pov vore story

over 31 pages of content, and a myriad of bonus features for those brave enough to give it a gander, I hope you guys enjoy are most recent collab pack.

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