Summer Snarfing Pony Vore Pack

Summer is a time of festivities and fun, and when the heat turns up so does the hunger leaving the only question being who will do the swallowing under the sun ;)

Based on this theme I am pleased to announce our most recent collaboration pack featuring the works of:

Magnificent Arsehole:  Fluttershy and Tree hugger plan to have a picnic, a lewd adventure with an exotic plant follows.

Plant/Fluttershy and TreeHugger, willing oral vore. Multiple endings for safe and digestion. Feral pony.

Crazy Water: Lyra’s fun in the sun takes a tragic turn when she becomes the object of infatuation for a voracious sea anemone.

 ?/Lyra + Lyra/ multiple Unwilling vore in multiple orifices, where Lyra is force fed some of her friends, feral pony

August Bebel:  Trixie stole Rarity’s preferred place on the beach, vore ensues.

Rarity/ Trixie oral vore, unwilling with multiple edits for vore, female and herm, feral pony

Lady Techna: A game of volley ball takes a carnivorous turn once twilight accidently swallows the ball.

 oral vore, Twilight sparkle/ Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, unwilling, feral pony

Blueblaze95: Rainbow decides that Fluttershy would look better as fat padding her flank

Rainbow Dash/fluttershy, unwilling oral vore, anthro

Novaspark: Pinkie runs out of some of her special frostings, thankfully she has some friends to help her out.

Pinkie pie/ Starlight glimmer and Rainbow Dash, Cock vore, reluctant willing, reformation ending, feral ponies.

Mrleft: Smolder and Princess Ember have some fun with the mane 6 with a bit of safe shrinking and swallowing.

Ember/ Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight. Smolder/ Pinkie pie, Rarity and Applejack. Oral vore, unwilling, macro/ micro, feral ponies. Safe vore.

Septia: A spectacular story where a poor stallion has an odd run in with a mysterious creature 0-0

All this and over 60 WIP and unused concepts can be found within this lewd offering, Hopefully you enjoy it 😊

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USD 18.00

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