Anal Autumn Art Pack

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce a new art pack is ready for release. This deviant development is titled Anal Autumn and focuses on some exit only feasting. As usual many talented artists have taken part in this lewd undertaking and their contributions are outlined below:

Crazy Water: anthro, unwilling, Princess Luna/ coco pommel, multi-page sequence

Magnificent Arsehole: pony, unwilling, Tempest/Braeburn, animation

August Bebel: pony and EQG cross over, ambiguous, EQG rarity + horse Rarity/ coloratura, multi panel comic

Lady Techna: pony, willing, pinkie pie + flash sentry/ Twilight sparkle, Fluttershy/rainbow dash, Rarity/ Applejack, individual images

Blueblaze95: Anthro, unwilling, Rarity/ Twilight sparkle, image set with accompanying audio.

Novaspark: pony, willing, Autumn Blaze/ Applejack + Cinder glow/ Fluttershy, comic sequence.

Mrleft: pony, ambiguous, Rarity/Rainbow dash, comic sequence.

Septia/ dendollae: Pony, willing/betrayal, donkey/mail mare: story with optional scat ending, as well as accompanying comic.

If any of this is of interest to you, give the pack a gander 0-0

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USD 20.00

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