Festive Feasting Pony Vore Art Pack

a pony vore pack 

The festive season is known for its goodwill, merriment, and most importantly for the vorishly inclined a filling feast with friends and family. 

Based on this theme I am pleased to announce our most recent collaboration pack featuring the works of:

Crazy Water: A hungry queen pays a visit to the pie rock farm for a massive meal of mare meat. 

Queen chrysalis/ marble pie, pinkie pie, maud pie, limestone pie and cloudy quartz. f/fffff oral vore with unwilling prey. Pony, full comic

August Bebel: Fluttergoth helps anon fulfil their Christmas wish

fluttershy/ multiple with multiple edits for vore, female and herm, feral pony

Blueblaze95: Luna and Celestia eat a few naughty ponies

celestia and luna, Anthro, multiple prey.

Novaspark: Twilight gives Rarity a filling gift this heartwarming.

Rarity/Twilight, f/f, oral vore, willing pony full comic

Mrleft: Celestia and luna don holiday attire and deal with the nice and naughty ponies this year, unfortunately for RD she seems to have been naughty.

celestia, luna/rainbow, multiple prey, oral vore, pony

dendollae, fluttershy/ colette, Twilight/ bon bon and Pinkie/ lyra had a massive heart's warming meal, using multiple orifices until they are beyond bloated.

Twilight, fluttershy and pinkie, mass vore. f/ multiple, anal vore, oral vore, pony, 

Septia: A festive story where a mare finds reprieve from the cold.

If any of this is of interest to you, over 28 pages of content, and a myriad of bonus features can be found in the collab pack below ↓↓↓

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