Background Banquet Pony vore Art pack

Hi everyone, today I am proud to present another voracious pony vore art pack, this one focussing on the little-used background ponies that inhabit Equestria. The pack includes over 27 unique images, along with several variants for most images, with the contents being as follows:

AugustBebel: F/F Charity Sweet mint/ Suri polomare, oral vore, unwilling prey, Image, pony

Crazy water image one: m/f. f/f, Octavia melody/vinyl scratch, changeling/ Cloudkicker. unwilling prey, unwilling pred. multiple pred, oral vore, pony

Crazy water image 2: ?/f ?/multiple mares, tatzlwurm/ Aloha, Pizzelle, Fresh coat, Lighthoof and Shimmy Shake. unwilling prey, oral vore, pony

BlueBlaze95: Two pin-up images with several variants featuring Gloomy Sonnet and Vapor Trail. F/?, Anthro

Mr Left: comic sequence featuring a collection of background ponies paying a visit to Twilight's birthday party with the mane 6 as bumps in their bellies. F/F, M/f, Multiple preds, Derpy Hooves/ Pinkie pie, Spitfire/Rainbow Dash, Coco Pommel/ Rarity, Antonie/ Fluttershy, Maud/Applejack, Maud/Derpy hooves. A fun collection of images depicting accidental unwilling oral vore. Pony

Dendonllae: Anal vore comic featuring Roseluck having a little accident at work, Roseluck/Shoeshine, f/f, unwilling prey, pony

Magnificent Arsehole: A collection of images featuring a wide number of background ponies in voracious encounters. they are as follows.

Berryshine and Orange swirl having fun after Orange ingests a pair of unknown ponies, F/F, F/?, multiple prey, breast vore.

Golden Harvest/ Derpy hooves, f/f, anal vore, accidental vore.

Minuette/ Lyra Heartstrings and Twinkleshine, cock vore, H/f. H/ff. Bon Bon has also walked in on this lewd scene.

Apple Bumpkin/ Apple Dumpling and Apple Leaves, f/f, F/ff, oral vore, anal vore.

Fleur de Verre/ Elbow grease, F/?, Belly rubbing

Change: four pinups featuring Coco Pommel, Sassy Saddles, Spitfire and Saffron Masala, all rocking large gurgling guts. F/?, anthro

Novaspark: A comic featuring Cloudchaser having some fun with Thunderlane, before Flitter comes in to give some belly rubs once the slurping is done. F/M, oral vore, pony.

Also included is a story by Septia.

Hopefully, you guys enjoy this lewd collection of content we managed to put together, as it features several ponies first voracious outings :)

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