Twisted Fates

Welcome to another art pack, this one focusing on spooky alternate timelines. This one featuring 55 unique items, along with a slew of edits and wips. The breakdown of the main articles from this talented pool of artists are as follows:

August Bebel – Nightmare moon returns and has herself a filling mane 6 meal. pony Image set, f/multiple f and H, anal vore, digestion and weight gain, along with a scat edit

Blueblaze95- Flutterbat enjoys an Applejack meal on a cold autumn night. 1:30 second long animation, Anthros, F/F, oral vore with digestion fatal digestion and weight gain.

Crazy Water – After snacking on Lily Valley, Trixie comes to the conclusion that Starlight would look better as flank fat on her great and paunchy plot. Image set, pony, F/ff, oral vore with fatal digestion and weight gain.

Magnificent Arsehole – Daybreaker sacks her most diligent student after a failed coup attempt. Comic, Pony, H/f, Cock vore with digestion and cum disposal.

Mr left – 3 pony vore comics that break down as follows

·        Pinkie Pie has a Rainbow Dash meal during the party for one episode. F/F, oral vore, fatal digestion and weight gain

·        Fluttershy is corrupted by chaos and devours a confused discord, F/M, oral vore, Endo

·        A tyrant Twilight enjoys another well roasted rebel on her dinner table, F/F, cooking vore, fatal, soul vore

Dendollae -  Obscurity, a rather rare background pony literally has her remaining time eaten by an aged up Princess Erronia. pony comic, f/f, oral vore, digestion.

 Septia- A mass vore story from Septia with both clean and scatty endings

Triksa and Change- Rainbow Dash and Daring Doo, explore an achient tomb, unfortunately for the famous adventurer one of the artifacts gives Rainbow the hunger of a serpent. Pony comic, F/F, oral vore, fatal digestion and weight gain.

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