Foolish Feedings Pony Vore Art Pack

Today we are proud to present another lewd pony art pack, this one focusing on voracious jokes and hungry pranks. This pack contains 26 unique images, and a collection of alts and edit variants, bringing the total number of items to 42. The breakdown of the main articles from this talented pool of artists are as follows:

August Bebel – Princess Luna catches Pinkie Pie trying to prank her and uses her royal authority to banish the giggling earth pony to her colon. Pony anal vore image set, Princess Luna/ Pinkie pie F/F and H/f edits, along with internals and no internals variants. (6 variants)

Magnificent Arsehole – Luna and Celestia each enjoy some intimate sisterly ingestion, though the two regal alicorns prefer to take their royal meals through different orifices. Pony oral and anal vore comic set, Luna/Celestia (Anal vore) and Celestia/Luna (Oral vore) (4 pages with 4 variants)

Mr left – Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash decide it would be fun to prank their friends, though unfortunately for the prismatic Pegasus, she soon finds herself on the menu. F/multiple f oral vore pony comic with digestion and weight gain, Pinkie Pie/ Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, plush a final page showing Fluttershy enjoying the ample aftermath. (7 pages)

Dendollae – After Pegasus Olsen wrote a scathing review of her Midsummer Theatre Revival, Coco Pommel got rather anal about the situation. Pony anal vore comic sequence featuring fatal digestion and weight gain, Coco Pommel/ Pegasus Olsen ( 7 pages plus 1 fart edit)

Septia- A couple of silly dragons prank each other with a special guest in this story from Septia f/m non-fatal.

Triksa – Pinkie indulges in a stallion snack, much to Thunderlane’s ire. Oral vore comic, Pinkie Pie/ Thunderlane (1 page)

Change- Rainbow Dash makes a jovial jest at AJ’s apple bottom prompting the earth pony to see her arse and introduce the chuckling Wonderbolt to her peckish ponut. Pony anal vore comic, Applejack/ Rainbow Dash, (3 pages with three edits)

Humbug- When Capper tore his trusty jacket he knew just the equine seamstress to correct the rip, unfortunately, the fashionista tried to make a small joke at his expense and the end result ended with a belch. Anthro oral vore comic with fatal digestion, Capper/Rarity, (3 pages with pages 2 and 3 have animated panels)


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