Hungry Heat Pony Vore Pack

A pony vore art pack ;)

Today we are proud to present another lewd pony art pack, which focuses on Summer and the voracious hunger that the heat brings out in peckish ponies. This pack contains 19 unique images, and a large collection of alts, wips and edit variants, bringing the total number of items to 48. The breakdown of the main articles from this talented pool of artists are as follows:

Magnificent Arsehole: The mane Six discover the mirror pool and use it to indulge in their voracious cravings. pony Oral, anal, unbirth, and horn vore featuring the members of the mane six in basically every orifice in a pair of two wide-angle images of chaotic vorgey

Mr left: Big Mac takes Sugar Belle to a drive-in movie, only for Queen chrysalis to sneak in to the theatre in the mood for a meal of mare meat. Headfirst Pony oral vore comic, queen chrysalis/sugar belle, f/f, digestion, 5 pages, 22 panels

Triksa: Rainbow Dash's prank on Rainbow Dash backfires, and the farm pony enjoys a wonderbolt meal. Pony oral vore, F/F, comic, head first, digestion, 2 pages, 14 panels.

Change: Commander Tempest enjoys a meal after a game of volleyball, though based on her belly i doubt there is going to be a second set. Anthro oral vore, f/f image set with digestion and weight gain, 3 pages.

Crazy Water: Princess celestia and Luna indulge in some curvaceous chevaline at the beach, much to the displeasure of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Princess Celestia/ Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Luna/ Rainbow Dash, headfirst/ feetfirst Anthro Oral vore comic, 2 pages, 4 panels.

And a story by Septia, featuring a ravenous taur

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